Spatial Transformation – Back To Life

Organised by the creative platform AADK Spain in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, architects, professors, artists and reporters.

Curator: Lorenza Manfredi

Organizer: Abraham Hurtado

Tutors: Pier Alessio Rizzardi, Sverre Aune, Elena Ferrari, Jorge bermejo pascual, Greta Colombo, Roberto Carrasco, Enrique Nieto, Thilo Folkerts

Partecipants: Lorenz Krauth, Sarika Jhawar, Marta Martini, Jesús Sánchez Díaz-Hellín, Jana Doudova, Giuliana Elia

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Several urban practitioners tends to define semantic and urban categories trying to control possible derives existing outside ordinary and everyday practices, transit in a terrific and kaleidoscope variation of commonly used perceptions. Moreover, architecture and urbanism often look forward the investigation of alternatives cognitive grids to look to the city beyond traditional cultural mechanisms, giving continuously sense to the of renovation of the discipline. It means looking through what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong, beautiful or not, conformist or anarchic Read More


STUDIO#010 – HIDDEN | STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine

The Existing city is created by a continuous researching, experimenting and building. It’s a continuous unknown or HIDDEN action of fixing and adding to the existing. A work of developed in between filling the gaps, reevaluating historical centres, suburbs and peri-urban fringe


Ana Amado – Rober Amado, Ashley Bigham / Metthew Earl / Farsad Labbauf / Antonello Marotta / Lijo John Matthew / Fabiano Minocci / Ana Nieto / Felipe Orensanz / Savia Palate / Claudia Sagimbeni / Luisa Selo / Beniamino Servino / Silvia Verace / Braian Ward – ScAle Architects

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The existing city is created by a continuous researching, experimenting and building. It is a continuous unknown or HIDDEN action of fixing and adding to the existing. A work developed in between filling the gaps, revaluating historical center, suburbs and peri-urban fringe.   Read More

12294677_10207444074130754_7773038215840684555_n.jpgTCA introduces STUDIO© Architecture and Urbanism magazine at “Clip, Stamp, Upload” event in Museo di Sant’Agostino, Genova

“Clip, Stamp, Upload is an event aiming to present the latest and most interesting projects related to independent publishing in the field of architecture of the Italian and European panorama.

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TCA with STUDIO©  discusses the future of paper magazines at Polytechnic University of Milan

The independent magazines, on paper or online, are a manifestation of instant thoughts, which fix transiently a constellation of interests to be discussed or even extremely personal insights. They are self-promoted, self-produced and self-determining the degree of radicalism and ambition of the editorial project. Littleness is a fragile state: the exhaustion of the creative urgency of normalization of production constantly conspiring against their radical and unstable equilibrium.
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306_15_city_portrait_ASTANA_loc_OK copyTCA discusses the possibilities for Astana and the EXPO 2017 at “City Portraits. Astana” event in collaboration with The Pavilion of Kazakhstan at Expo Milano 2015

City Portraits. Astana” is the twelfth conference of a series entitled “City Portraits”The conferences provide keys to the interpretation of important aspects of our contemporary nature, and to the understanding of how this nature is presented within those urban phenomena that more than anything else characterize it. Read More

© Pier Alessio Rizzardi

An Interview with Lu Wenyu, Amateur Architecture Studio | ArchDaily

Interviewer: Pier Alessio Rizzardi
Architect: Liu Wenyu, Amateur Architecture Studio
Place: Hangzhou, China
Year: 2013

Press contacts & Inquiries

“Every couple of years a new manifesto appears, but how long can it last? We need more people doing instead of talking. [At Amateur Architecture Studio] we spend an enormous amount of time experimenting, trying to resurrect the craftsmanship that is almost lost. We use a method that is passed on, hand-to-hand, to re-establish tradition instead of talking about abstract but empty concepts.”
– Lu Wenyu, Hangzhou, 2013

Pier Alessio Rizzardi: “A house instead of a building” is a really famous phrase of Amateur Architecture Studio. What is the meaning behind this concept?

Lu Wenyu: Once, Wang Shu said: “we only make houses, we don’t make architecture.” The house and architecture here have their own meanings. Making a house means making it for the people, making it more tranquil, or closer to nature, more humanized. Instead, architecture is an abstract concept, so many designs nowadays are actually architecture. So this sentence, from almost 20 years ago, “making houses, not architecture”, is about not making that abstract concept, but to make something really concrete and tangible, something that you can touch or that is made with your own hands… so when you see this house, you feel differently. Read More