Course  091453

Reuse Expo after 2015

Building Technology Studio


Polytechnic Milan University

Year  2013



Course  093398

Architectural Design Studio


Polytechnic Milan University

Year  2013

Building Technology Studio aims at introducing the students to the complexity of the design process of a building, from the concept and briefing stage to the development of the documents needed to communicate design information to the construction stage. This requires a good understanding of the processes of design and construction necessary for development in the built environment, where the needs, values and objectives of the client, the users’ and the community must be reconciled to the characteristics of the building itself and of its embedded values.

The Studio comprehends two sections: Architecture Technology and Structural Design. The Technology section will mainly relate with construction techniques, materials, spaces, performances and values that represent an actual resource which must be carefully and thoroughly evaluated in the design process. The design will require the use of dry-joint technologies.

The design proposal will be developed through the technical regulation control stage and a number of detailed construction drawings, specifications and plastic models. Beyond studio work, which will represent the main activity, some important issues will be further developed in a few lectures, such as: – the architectural use of buildings materials, constructions systems, life cycle assessment, structural systems, also by the presentation of case studies; – the rational use of energy, renewable energy and environmental impact; – the principles of structural design in the context of analysis of a building.






Chief professor

Remo Dorigati



 Juarez Corso

Gianluca G Lugli


Assistant professor

Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Laura Pigozzi

Sibil Sträuli


Visiting Professor

Liu Xiaodu