TCA Think Tank is a platform led by Pier Alessio Rizzardi. TCA is practicing architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis. TCA’s works include a variety of projects from city scale level, to portable and temporary design, and printed publications.

Working with architects, artist, publishers, and universities, TCA escapes from the constraint of the division between research and practice, to explore the multidisciplinary possibilities of architecture.

TCA reports the 'Theoretical Condition of the Architecture'.

Pier Alessio Rizzardi


Pier Alessio Rizzardi graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan and University of São Paulo. Since 2007, he worked in Milan, São Paulo, Melbourne, Shanghai, London, Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, and Singapore.

In 2012, he taught 'City Foundations' and 'Scalable, Modular, and Mobile Architecture' at Polytechnic University of Milan.

In 2013 he joined the editorial board of STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine; he started the series of books “I Protagonisti” by l’ARCA International Magazine; and he began a round of interviews about innovation published by Domus.

In 2014 he completed the research project 'The Condition of Chinese Architecture' exhibited at the '14th Venice Biennale', and in collaboration with Hsieh Ying Chun, he created the 'Parasite Pavilion' in Giardini Delle Vergini.

Over the years he spoke at 'City Portrait: Astana' at Kazakistan pavilion at EXPO 2015; 'Clip Stamp Upload: Italian Independent Magazine' at Museo Sant Agostino, Genova; 'The Future of the Museum in China' at STUDIO X Beijing in collaboration with Columbia University.

In 2017, he joined forces with Tim Makower and MME Ministry of the Municipality and Environment of Qatar, to create the Qatar Urban Design Compendium, for the future development of Doha.

Present Team Members


Martin Huba

Edoardo Giancola

Francesco Zarattini

Başak Sakçak



Past Team Members


Alejandro Rey Yamhure

Edna Gee

Georgia Stellin

Wang Jing

Katerina Dimova

Zhang Ai

Emilia Quattrina

Gerardo Semprebon

Cheng Wei Chung

Matteo Piras

Angelo Pagano

Andrea Vertone

Valentina Zecca

Ilaria Baldini

Ni Ya

Muratori Martina

Jocelyn Fu

Regina Kaluzny

Siyin Wang

Lucia Bertaggia

Maria Bertaggia

Hu Yalin

Alessandro Zorzetto

Ilgin Ezgi Tunc




Alessandro Colombo

Romolo Calabrese

Joseph di Pasquale

Cesare Maria Casati

Remo Dorigati

Helena Camargo

Jiang Jun




Lorenza Manfredi

Abraham Hurtado

Alessandro Balducci

Giuliano Noci

Antonio Longo

Pierluigi Salvadeo

Yibo Xu

Li Xiangning

Harry den Hartog

Charlie Xue

Daniel Gillen

Roland Karthaus


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l'ARCA International

STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism


AADK Spain

Unfolding Pavilion

RRC Studio

ZarCola Architetti


TCA THINK TANK is an architectural office based in UK, practicing architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis. TCA’s works include a variety of projects from city scale level to movable and temporary design. Working with architects, artist, publishers and universities, TCA escapes from the constrains between research and practice, and explores the multidisciplinary possibilities of architecture.  Through the production of research to practice, TCA reports the theoretical condition of the architecture.

Zhang Hankun 张涵坤


Zhang Hankun is an architect and writer graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan and Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an. She is involved in researching projects, exploring the issues of diminishing environment in China and the impact of art and cultural districts on the city. Zhang Hankun has been published on books, magazines and platforms among the others MARK, l’ARCA International and ArchDaily.

Present Team Members


Martin Huba, Edna Gee, Georgia Stellin, Edoardo Giancola, Başak Sakçak, Alejandro Rey Yamhure.


Past Team Members


Katerina Dimova, Zhang Ai, Emilia Quattrina, Gerardo Semprebon, Cheng Wei Chung, Matteo Piras, Angelo Pagano, Andrea Vertone, Valentina Zecca, Ilaria Baldini, Ni Ya, Muratori Martina,

Jocelyn Fu, Regina Kaluzny, Siyin Wang, Lucia Bertaggia, Maria Bertaggia, Hu Yalin, Alessandro Zorzetto, Ilgin Ezgi Tunc.


In collaboration


Romolo Calabrese, Joseph di Pasquale, Cesare Maria Casati, Remo Dorigati, Helena Camargo.




Alessandro Balducci, Giuliano Noci

Antonio Longo, Pierluigi Salvadeo

Yibo Xu, Li Xiangning, Harry den Hartog, Charlie Xue, Daniel Gillen

Roland Karthaus.