It happens that buildings become icons, influencing much more that the neighbourhood around them. They are photographed and published, affecting the world and becoming trade marks for public spaces to come. They are tools of learning for students and weapons by desperate architects looking for funds.

One of these icons is here, ready to face the reality of the city and among the inhabitants of the city.

The light structure flies unrealistically across roads and lots, breaking the urban structure of the 18th century’s buildings. Public space levels overlap, giving the possibility to walk sinuously under, in and above the old city; a brave endeavour to create a connecting architectural event; a city-stage where anything can happen. The once considered impossible-structure by engineers, now is real and built, thanks to double estimated budget.

The first scratches of ageing are already visible, witnessing the dream of the architect, the bitter-sweet reality of physical laws and ridiculously underrated budget left as a legacy to the contemporary city.


Regards from Seville.