This Country is at war.


As you know, 2022 FIFA World Cup is arriving soon, but constructions numbers are going down, slowing or almost stopping in 6 months or so from now. Predictions are saying.


After this stop the frenesia is going arrive suddenly, and construction will have to keep up with an imminent deadline.


The mirage is Dubai. But better… How better? The “bigger the better” is dead here. Here is not about the tallest building in the world. Here are desperate, trying to save the most of what they still have.


Doha is in war: dusty, noisy battle of “background architecture” eroding the spots of ancient recent urban structure, inhabited by Pakistani, Indians Arabs from nearby countries occupying the slams of downtown Doha the capital city of the per capita most prosperous nation in the world.


If you are going to visit me, you’ll see Masterpieces of “black gold”; Louvre in Abudhabi, Doha Tower… No context, plus money, plus stararchitects fighting for a piece of the cake.


All around you’ll see the triumph of the post-modernity.


The 80s American skyscrapers of the West Bay; the malls of Arabic taste massive compounds... one thing is in common: “Give an image to that” "because we need to sell it, and sell it fast… (or not?) Banks do not ask back the investments until the building is put to use. Lousy choice investments are ok, tolerated… no evident - numbers on the account -consequences.


Crappy developments here are created from drafts-men paid by not awared people of what an effective development for the city and the future really is. “From where did you copy paste that?" No logic is required. Smoking xixa with the Emir appears to be essential for the “high rank of developers”, creating low-quality unstoppable projects, that the municipality cannot do almost anything about.


Virgin land, plus crappy design, plus money, equal developments creating a disaster for 80 years. You must know that surprisingly one significant issue is flooding. Few documents right now are required to start an application for “mega-projects” no consideration is given to the topography, ending up with buildings underwater for months.


The long-run future is dark; the short future is promising, but the present is dusty.


Regards from Doha.