Italian experience, foreign architects:

Stories of those who pull it off


Inside Unfolding Pavilion

At La Biennale di Venezia 2018


Location: Venice, Italy

Area: 2.25 sqm

Year: 2018


'Italian experience, foreign architects' is an installation and editorial project created by TCA Think Tank and Zarcola Architetti, and exhibited in the ‘Unfolding Pavilion’ at Venice Biennale 2018, curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando.


‘Unfolding Pavilion’ pops up at significant architecture events in previously inaccessible but architecturally significant buildings.


On each occasion, the ‘Unfolding Pavilion’ features a different theme inspired by the space it occupies, employing commissioned original works that react to it and to its broader cultural-historic background.




“Italian experience, foreign architects: Stories of those who pull it off” it is a cross-section of the most promising international architects who had studied in Italy and thanks to—or in spite of—were able to open their studios and to design inspiring works.


Which are the most significant lessons they learned? What values are they applying in their daily work? Which difficulties they encountered and how they defeat them? What are their dreams? What do they believe should be done now to win our challenges?


These talks are an instant portrait of ateliers on the verge of success; they could be divided by culture, location, values, and goals but they are joined by a young, fast growing, and influential character.


Some of them are architects-artists; freshly graduated students with behind international exhibitions and numerous publications; sensitive designers in the research of timeless values; founders of multinational offices in the intent to conquer an entire slice of the market.


“Italian experience, foreign architects” set the basis to grasp the difficulties of the Italian generation of the 80s from a new and fresh perspective, giving a potential a direction and a possibility to succeed.






TCA Think Tank + ZarCola Architetti



Pier Alessio Rizzardi

Alessandro Colombo

Edoardo Giancola

Federico Zarattini


Interviewed Architects:

Carmelo Rodríguez Cedillo, ENORME Studio, Spain

Adrian Labaut, Alabauth, Milan

Simon Linardi, Atelier Cartel, Melbourne

David Diaz Bustamante, Silent Architecture, Moscow

Irgen Salianji, Architects for Urbanity, Rotterdam

Binh Duong Thai, EGO Group, Hanoi

Franz Bittenbinder, Atelier Marsala, Milan

Inês Dantas, WUDA* Wurfbaum Dantas Architects, Munich and London

Julien Boitard, jbmn Architects, Paris and Lausanne



Sponsored by

SPEKTRA Made in Italy