UnSangDong Architects Architects: An art workshop in the third millennium

Joseph di Pasquale


Compound Body

Jang Yoon Gyoo


Becoming Animal

Skin Scape

Clip City

Mythological Imagination


Epilogue: Ki UnSangDong Architects Effect

Jang Yoon Gyoo



“Our beginning was one world. Through noise and chaos, its essence must have been dispersed. Suppose we can re-trace our times as we keep integrating each other’s realms, we might get close enough to the essence again.

Compound Body is a virtual text written on the assumption that integrating multiple layers of territorial elements opens up the possibility of examining a new question and producing a different outcome.”






Editorial Director

Joseph di Pasquale


Editorial Coordination & Graphic Design Pier Alessio Rizzardi


Text Editing and Translations Martyn J. Anderson


First published in 2017 by S.A.M. M.D.O. 31, avenue


Princesse Grace MC 98000 Monaco

Printed in Italy by


Costa di Mezzate (BG), Italy

Dépôt légal - 2017


ISBN 9782955998106

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